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Author: Ralf Koebnik
Internal reviewer:
Expert reviewer: WANTED!

Class: XopAO
Family: XopAO
Prototype: XGA_1250 (Xanthomonas hortorum pv. gardneri, ex. Xanthomonas gardneri; strain 101 = ATCC 19865)
GenBank ID: EGD20072.1 (206 aa)
RefSeq ID: WP_162267513.1 (207 aa)
3D structure: Unknown

Biological function

How discovered?

XopAO was predicted to be a type 3 effector based on homology to AvrRpm1, a type 3 effector from Pseudomonas syringae (Potnis et al., 2011).

(Experimental) evidence for being a T3E

T3SS-mediated translocation of XopAO was assessed by constructing fusion genes with the C-terminal end of AvrBs2 coding sequence (avrBs2 62-574) in a race 6 strain of X. euvesicatoria. Translocation was measured in pepper cv. ECW 20R, containing the resistance gene Bs2. xopAO was demonstrated to direct AvrBs2-specific hypersensitive reactions in ECW 20R (Potnis et al., 2011).




Enzymatic function

Interaction partners


In xanthomonads

In other plant pathogens/symbionts


Potnis N, Krasileva K, Chow V, Almeida NF, Patil PB, Ryan RP, Sharlach M, Behlau F, Dow JM, Momol M, White FF, Preston JF, Vinatzer BA, Koebnik R, Setubal JC, Norman DJ, Staskawicz BJ, Jones JB (2011). Comparative genomics reveals diversity among xanthomonads infecting tomato and pepper. BMC Genomics 12: 146. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-146

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